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Meat Lovers Take Heart – Grass Fed Beef Offers A Multitude Of Benefits

Cattle should eat grasses and other foraged foods because that’s what their ancestors ate. Over the years, farmers realised that they could speed up the growth process by adding hormones, steroids, and antibiotics to the feed, and can also help the animal grow faster by giving them a grain-fed diet. The problem is that all that added stuff can be detrimental to humans who eat the meat. Likewise, those lovers of meat can take heart knowing that grass-fed beef offers a wider variety of benefits than their grain-fed counterparts.

Lower In Fat

Grass-fed cattle tends to be leaner, meaning that it has fewer calories than grain-fed cattle. Lean meat has been proven to help control hunger and cravings, as well as provide necessary protein for the body. Studies have also shown that lean meats can help you lose weight, so you know grass-fed varieties are a better choice.


Even though grass-fed beef has less fat and fewer calories, it remains an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. These acids are necessary for cellular function and can benefit the brain. You may also be able to lower blood pressure and reduce causes of depression and other mental health issues.


Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is found in higher amounts from grass-fed cows, both in their milk and meat. This acid can be another defence against cancer and studies have shown that some people have reduced the size of their tumours when introducing CLA into the diet.

Where To Find

While more supermarkets are introducing grass-fed beef, it’s still difficult to find in places other than a butcher shop. Places like The Meat Store allow you to buy online and send it to your door, making it more convenient and easier to find what you need.

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