Dental Implants In Darwin: The Benefits

by | Aug 28, 2017 | Dental Care

When you lose a tooth, you create a gap in the smile, which can also affect your ability to chew. Over time, the teeth can shift, which causes pain when biting and added stress on the jawbone. Similarly, the jawbone can start to lose bone mass, which can cause your face to look older and the smile can develop a pucker.

Dental implants in Darwin can prevent all those problems by replacing the missing tooth with an artificial tooth root and a crown. You will still be able to eat regularly and won’t have to remove an appliance to clean the teeth.

When considering dental implants in Darwin, the goal is to learn as much about the dentist or periodontist and learn about the procedure. For example, most people think that the process is easy when it can actually take months to complete. The extraction must heal first, and then the surgical procedure is done (which can take multiple steps). Once that heals, and the implant is placed and has fused to the jawbone, the crown or cap can be put on. Plus, the professional you choose will have to do a thorough exam first to ensure that you’re a suitable candidate.

At National Periodontics, they understand your need for a beautiful smile. While aesthetics play a role in your decision, you may also worry that the teeth will shift and you won’t be able to eat. It’s a scary situation for those who have to deal with it and can take months to repair. Instead, it is usually best to fix the problem before things get out of control. Dental implants in Darwin are one of the best methods of restoration because they are long-lasting and will replace your tooth, ensuring that you can smile and laugh again.

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