Teeth Implants Cost – Could Dental Implants Be Best For You?

by | Dec 6, 2016 | Dental Care

With all the technological advancements in the world, dental implants may be one of the best. Before, if you lost a tooth or multiple ones, you required a crown, bridge or partial/full denture. None of the options were the best because they all sat on top of the gum line and needed nearby teeth for help and stability. Teeth implants are a better option for many because once they’re placed, they look and function just like real teeth.

How They Help

Primarily, an implant is placed into the gums and then allowed to heal so that the bone grows around the implant. You lose less bone density this way and will be able to chew, clean your teeth and smile normally.


It’s important to realise that each patient is different and that costs associated with teeth implants will be based on a variety of factors. Places like National Periodontics will talk you through the process and help you understand the various options available.

For example, you’ll have an assessment at your initial appointment to determine if you’re suitable for dental implants. This assessment may not be part of the overall implant cost, so you may have to pay out of pocket or through insurance.

Once you’ve been deemed an appropriate candidate, you will start the procedure, all of which will be covered. This process includes placing the implant, recovery time and placing the prosthetic tooth.

However, complications may arise where the implant doesn’t take, or there isn’t enough bone to place one. Bone grafting may be an option but will raise the overall costs considerably. The dentist or oral surgeon you choose should be willing and able to discuss all of these potential problems with you and give you a better idea of what it may cost in your area or from that professional.

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